The way to Do Self-Healing By Doing Nothing at all


“And he did straiten them in the wilderness along with his rod; for they hardened their hearts, even as dans have; and the Lord pinched them because of their iniquity. He or she sent fiery flying torture among them, and after they were attacked he prepared a way they will be healed, and the crews which they had to perform was going to look; and because of the convenience of the way, or the easiness of it, there were many who all perished. ” – E-book of Mormon, 1Nephi teen: 41


“But few grasped the meaning of those things, and also this because of the hardness of their spirits. But there were many who have been so hardened that they will not look, therefore they perished. Now the reason they would certainly not look is that they did certainly not believe that it would heal these. ” – Book of Mormon, Alma 33: something like 20


I have been working with self-healing for more than 10 years, and I understood this specific at the time I started: the energy of God can heal me if I would certainly only allow it. Learning how to do this simple factor, to just ‘look’, took me many years to accomplish, but at some point, I got quite good at that. Look = Observe Sama Dengan Listen = Not-think Sama Dengan have no intention or thought = totally quiet brain = zero thinking. Very simple looking is like gazing, along with the focus of one’s gaze is usually in the external world, including looking at a flower, as well as it can be the focal point some time inside one’s body, such as seeing one’s breathing happening by itself. This practice connected with ‘looking’ is the same that is definitely known for 1, 000’s connected with years as the practice connected with meditation.


Around 3 years previously, my meditation deepened I was able to determine when I seemed to be successfully ‘looking purely’ when I was not (noisy imagination voice). It was at this same amount of time that spontaneous healing made its debut in my body, and has continued considering the onset. Observing this wonderful taking place, then I realized a simple fact: ‘Healing happens when you sleep’. Every night when we go to sleep, and then at some time during the night, our brain goes totally quiet as well as the healer that exists within just ourselves wakes up in the room of our quiet and functions to heal us. We all know that individuals feel a little better, a lot more healed, with more energy when they wake up in the morning – despite their age or higher level of health. We need sleep, the reason is, is this is a time when ‘we get rid of our mind’, and treatment happens in our body.


Nevertheless, we all eventually see, mainly because we are aging and buying disease that the time used to sleep each night is absolutely not enough to fully restore your body back to vibrant health. To the quote, if you want to cure, then practice simple seeking as much as you can each waking up day. This is exactly what I found to get true, there is sufficient vitality in my body as the supply or spirit of our creator or as the ‘healer within’ to heal myself, but it only happens when ‘I” (the mind-voice, the particular doer) steps aside and also allows it. One can have more healing time in, when 1 practices meditation during the day, which also is gravely needed when an illness has developed. The disease can only create and one degenerates from it, simply because one doesn’t have sufficient power to heal it. You have to get more energy to recover, and the way to do it is to just look.

“Now the reason they might not look is that they were doing not believe that it would recover them. “

This is and so true of people, and precisely why they will not do a simple issue to heal themselves. This is due to people feeling they have to do something for you to heal themselves and looking looked at by the person as not really doing anything. One feels as though one is losing control more than one’s healing process or even like one is losing time-wasting it by ‘doing nothing. I don’t know when the reader can understand this: Performing Nothing is Allowing Space with regard to God to Work within a person. While you are busy with your performing, then you are effectively maintaining God at bay. It is only by getting into nothing, that God may fully heal you. The selection is in your hands, yet it takes having confidence in that this will work, in order to be capable of ‘test it’ or let it. Most people choose to refrain from giving self-healing via the route involving ‘looking’ as they prefer to ‘do it themselves, and we start to see the result – nothing performs.


It does not matter what disease is underneath, all diseases can be well in this way. This is because the source involving you, the healer, knows exactly how to treat every system in your body. When you deeply understand this, then you start to see the simple truth is revealed about how to treat yourself. To heal demands no intention on your aspect (intention, ideas, all these emerge from thinking, and thus won’t function, because if you have some concept, then you are not purely ‘looking’). You only have to set aside a period each day to allow ‘your healer’ to ’emerge or arrive alive’ and go to work as well as heal you. To make it clear, doing nothing, doesn’t imply you don’t have to do anything. You have to make a choice to try this way, then you need to set aside time for regular exercise and you need a tool or even technique that helps you enter the state of ‘simple looking’. Together with your strong desire to heal, your own clear decision and dedication to set aside time every day to practice and by doing you will slowly gain skill at the ability to ‘simply look’. Once you have learned how to ‘simply look’ well, then you can throw away the actual tool.


Healing happens simply by itself when you truly could enter a state of peaceful mind or simple shopping. It will take practice to get efficient at this, but each time you process it, the number of seconds you may stay quiet will increase after some time. Each second of a peaceful mind counts, as the electricity of your healer works amazing things at ‘the speed involving light’. While awake along with meditating and when your time period to stay quiet gets much longer, it will eventually feel a lot like ‘sleeping’, but you aren’t, you are informed and still can observe your whole body, so it is more like watching on your own sleeping.


I encourage reducing weight to take on their own healing course of action and experiment with various self-healing tools until they understand that it is that works to get them from the state of ‘pure looking’. I have been working for several years along with a congenital condition I have is actually near to being healed. Once I regularly practised the technique of easy ‘looking’, then indeed recovery happened in my body. It really is free to experiment and attempt various self-healing and relaxation tools and make the decision on your own rather than just believe what I state. It only needs your time as well as commitment. To be able to make a reasonable assessment of a self-healing device works, one should use it every day for at least 3 weeks. If that does not work, try another one.


Lastly, I must tell you the truth; you are not fully healed from an illness from just one hour associated with successful ‘simply looking’. The truth is it took years to build up your own disease (personality), and it will have many hours of this practice to help reverse it. See the constructive side of entering into a challenging healing process, degeneration PUTS A STOP TO as soon as you get effective with ‘pure looking’, healing is occurring *right now* you are getting improved, not worse. Now would your miracle! Be satisfied with your daily advance. Know the truth that ‘healing’ is a physical process in addition to growing new cells normally takes its time, just as the simple truth is how long it takes for a lower finger to mend. It doesn’t come about instantly. Self-healing is a tough process to go through, but the choice isn’t very good: nothing in addition works, pills and surgical practices don’t treat the root result in and effect a cure, one particular continues each day to time and degenerate and the enduring goes on. You are not getting virtually any younger, why not start nowadays?

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