Web Development Tutorial


If you’re new to web development, there are many resources available to you. Curriculum for N00bs, Codecademy, Khan Academy, and Pluralsight are just a few. They all offer the same basic skills, but in a variety of formats. Some of the courses also cover HTML, CSS, Photoshop, AI, and web design. Using these resources can give you a deeper understanding of the web development process and help you incorporate visual design considerations into your programming processes.

Curriculum for N00bs

The curriculum for web development tutorials for N00Bs is a complete web development course that covers everything from HTML to CSS and JavaScript to Ruby on Rails. The course is designed to be simple to understand and can take anywhere from two to six months to complete. The tutorials will help you become a developer by taking you step-by-step through each topic, starting with HTML and CSS. You will be introduced to various programming languages and frameworks, including PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails.

In addition to the programming languages, the course will also introduce the tools and standards used in web development. You will learn the importance of web compatibility and how to develop fast web pages. There are also accessibility standards that can be used to make your web applications accessible to people with disabilities. You will also learn how to use variables and functions, which are the building blocks of any web application. These are used to make code readable and maintainable.


Codecademy is one of the most popular online courses for learning web development. Its self-guided courses allow users to learn several languages, from basic HTML to Ruby on Rails to Python. Its courses are available for free, and you can upgrade to a pro account for $19 per month.

A major problem with Codecademy courses is that they do not teach you how to think like a programmer. The courses are primarily aimed at teaching the fundamentals of programming languages, but they do not teach you how to apply them to real-world problems. A more in-depth tutorial can only be obtained through the help of an experienced developer who can mentor you through the learning process.

Codecademy’s lessons are presented with a modicum of color. Rather than using black and white, the lessons use a dark navy background and color-coded text. The colors help you distinguish the coding text from the background and give you an idea of how the line of code works or how many executions it has made.


You can learn web development with Pluralsight’s subscription-based courses. These courses are categorized by skill level and include everything from basic to advanced topics. You can even earn completion certificates. In addition to the tutorials, Pluralsight offers other resources to help you learn new skills.

The website has a wide range of course options that include JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, AI, and web design. These courses will help you understand how to incorporate stronger responsive design and visual design considerations into your programming workflow. A lot of these courses are expert-led by seasoned developers. The courses are designed to help you get up to speed quickly and apply new skills in a shorter period.


The MDN Learning area is a great place to start if you’re new to web development. This section contains links to tutorials and training materials that are created by web developers and forward-thinking companies. They follow best practices and embrace open standards. The resources are freely available through Creative Commons, which means you can share and reuse them with others.

Many of the reference pages include interactive examples that you can play with and change. This will help you see the results of your changes in real-time. You can also try creating your examples using online code editors such as Codepen, JSBin, or Glitch.