Who Founded FlexJobs?


Sara Sutton Fell founded FlexJobs in 2007 out of frustration when searching for flexible work. As the founder of an entry-level employment service, she saw that employers and employees required an easy way to track remote and freelance employment opportunities online.

FlexJobs carefully vets each job listing to ensure its legitimacy and conducts in-person screening of applicants to protect members against scams.

Sara Sutton

Sara Sutton is the founder and CEO of FlexJobs, an online job board for work-from-home positions. She launched the site while expecting her first child after experiencing difficulty finding flexible employment that accommodated career goals and family obligations. Since 2007, FlexJobs has assisted thousands in finding part-time, full-time, freelance, telecommuting, or hybrid job options. Sutton also speaks on topics related to the future of work, such as telecommuting or hybrid employment models.

FlexJobs is a legitimate work-from-home job site that screens out scams and junk while offering honest, professional-level opportunities. Their team of researchers spends 200 hours every day reviewing all jobs posted to the site, enabling users to focus their application efforts on opportunities that suit them without wasting time applying for low-quality or fake opportunities.

Sutton has led the charge in advocating that remote working can be just as meaningful and satisfying as traditional on-site jobs, being featured in numerous media pieces and speaking about it at numerous conferences. She advocates for women in business and is passionately committed to making life better for families, communities, local economies, and the environment.

FlexJobs has many advantages for its users, yet it is essential to recognize its risks. One risk associated with working remotely from home is staying focused and managing stress effectively – which could result in burnout and increased stress that have long-term repercussions for health. Furthermore, work and personal life must remain separate – something FlexJobs users often struggle to do when working from home.

Despite these difficulties, many people choose remote work because it provides numerous advantages and flexibility. A recent survey demonstrated how popular working from home has become more than ever; this trend has led to an increase in jobs tailored explicitly for remote working, such as technology, finance, healthcare, and education.

David Hehman

FlexJobs is an online job board dedicated to remote work opportunities for professionals. One of the most giant and most vetted job boards for flexible work arrangements and remote employment. FlexJobs features full-time and part-time opportunities, including 100% telecommuting jobs and mixed arrangements between on-site work and telecommuting positions. Furthermore, seasonal and freelance opportunities are also provided by FlexJobs, with users able to save searches and receive email notifications when relevant jobs match their specifications.

The site’s job search tool is easy to use and features filters such as location, salary range, and employer type. Users can also filter jobs based on keywords and tags – for instance, a user can search for writing jobs within the tech industry and find opportunities like Blizzard or Gizmodo writing opportunities – making it more straightforward for job seekers to find employment that matches their skillset and experience.

FlexJobs goes beyond simply providing job searches with helpful resources to find work-from-home employment. Furthermore, its list of companies hiring remote employees displays how popular remote work has become across all regions worldwide.

FlexJobs was established in 2007 to serve professionals looking for flexible work. The site offers work-from-home and flexible schedule jobs across over 50 career categories ranging from entry-level to executive, with each listing featuring a detailed job description, linking back to the company website, and being thoroughly vetted to ensure it’s legitimate.

While FlexJobs may be financially out of reach for some, it’s worth looking at. A membership fee could save both time and effort searching through job ads that often turn out to be scams; as well as discounted career coaching and resume reviews at discounted rates; not forgetting to take their free skills test, which helps identify which careers would best fit.

Howard Love

Howard Love is an accomplished Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded 15 businesses and invested in over 50 early-stage startups as an angel investor, including Open Table, Trulia, HotelTonight, and Titan Aerospace. Additionally, he served as CEO for several of these ventures before becoming Chairman of FlexJobs 10 Foot Wave Gigaom. Throughout his lifelong study of what makes start-up businesses successful, he has also become an active member of the entrepreneurial community.

FlexJobs was established by Sarah Sutton in 2007 as a search service to assist professionals looking for telecommuting and flexible schedule employment opportunities. The site features legitimate work-from-home opportunities across over 50 career categories and provides resources and coaching services for job seekers during their searches.

The website’s mission is to offer freelancers an easy and secure way to find work-from-home opportunities matching their skills and lifestyles. Researchers spend 200+ hours reviewing remote job offers daily before posting the best ones in their database. Furthermore, this company promises candidates will only meet clients that recognize and value their talent.

FlexJobs stands out with its comprehensive job descriptions that detail duties and responsibilities and who the job reports to, making the application process much more straightforward. In addition, the site also offers search filters – such as location and salary – to narrow your options even further.

FlexJobs stands out with its 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which allows users to try the service risk-free and get their refund via virtual chat, email, or phone call. Furthermore, their experts are on hand to answer questions and guide your decision-making.

The site also offers customers discounts on products and services from companies like Dell, Audible, TurboTax, and Sittercity to save them money – up to 50% off discounts can help offset membership costs.

FlexJobs Inc.

FlexJobs is an invaluable way to find freelance work, remote positions, and part-time professional roles that allow flexible working arrangements. You can search by type of work, salary range, and location; plus, it provides a list of companies that provide flexible employment opportunities – ideal if you need something like writing, marketing, or data entry work!

Sara Sutton Fell founded FlexJobs in 2007 to address her difficulties finding flexible work. As the former founder of an entry-level employment service, she knew exactly what employers and job seekers needed from them – she now provides FlexJobs as the premier vetted telecommuting job board, offering freelance jobs, full-time telecommuting jobs, and hybrid/part-time opportunities for flexible workers.

The site offers a free trial period to see if it suits you before committing. If not, they provide a money-back guarantee in case of uncertainty.

FlexJobs strives to keep its database fresh and free of scams by manually reviewing every job posting. Their staff carefully select those jobs which meet their criteria before posting them; additionally, they take time researching each company individually, saving you valuable time when browsing job postings online.

FlexJobs may be worth exploring if you’re searching for flexible jobs in 2023; just be prepared for more searching than with Google search, although its results will likely be more reliable and trustworthy.

FlexJobs differs from many other job boards by only listing legitimate jobs from legitimate employers. Job hunters can access it for free, while employers must pay a small fee to post their positions – usually less than what it costs to advertise them in newspapers! Furthermore, FlexJobs helps employers target candidates efficiently, saving time and money; its ATS integration allows hiring managers and recruiters to keep job listings updated automatically, thus eliminating duplicate work efforts.