Blackstone Pizza Oven Add-On


Switch up your outdoor Blackstone griddle into an outdoor pizza oven with this add-on. The patented two-stone technology enables you to prepare pizza in as little as 90 seconds while its temperature reaches over 900 degrees, easily monitored using its built-in thermometer.

The Blackstone pizza oven add-on is easy to use and fits securely onto any 22″ Blackstone griddle. Additionally, this add-on includes a metal pizza peel with long handles for easier handling.

Easy to use

Blackstone pizza ovens are easy to use, enabling you to whip up homemade pies quickly for family and friends. Their patented 2-Stone Technology and specially engineered cooking chamber provide fast heat capture, providing a quick cooking experience. Furthermore, you can use them to prepare other foods, such as calzones, stromboli steak, vegetables, or even dessert! It even comes equipped with its peel and rocking pizza cutter – giving you maximum convenience!

Blackstone’s stand-alone pizza oven is a significant upgrade over their earlier pizza offerings, which was an insert for their 22″ griddle that could be removed when not cooking pizza. Although its mouth is slightly larger than on its 22″ counterpart, cast-iron pans may still not fit inside comfortably. Furthermore, this oven features a single-round high-pressure propane burner equipped with an anti-deflective stainless steel deflector to direct its fiery heat towards its top stone for optimal pizza baking results.

The pizza oven includes a metal pizza peel that fits neatly in a slot on its base, but parchment paper or an inexpensive pizza pan are often easier for launching pizzas from. Furthermore, having an infrared thermometer and pizza stone brush as well as an infrared thermometer is beneficial in maintaining accurate temperatures in your oven – though keep in mind that temperatures within it may reach as much as 900 degrees! It would also be wise to wear protective gloves when handling it for safety.

Easy to clean

When using your pizza oven frequently, it is vitally important that its cleanliness and maintenance are taken care of promptly. This is particularly crucial if using it on a stone that collects flour, cheese, and toppings from all around. Cleaning after every use and wiping down the stone after it has cooled will ensure that any residual particles won’t be baked into another pie when you reopen your pizza oven next time around.

Blackstone’s revolutionary two-stone pizza oven features patented two-stone technology with a rotating bottom stone for even cooking, reaching temperatures of 900 degrees and cooking pizza in as little as 90 seconds. Easy to use, it can be placed either on a countertop or table and includes both a pizza peel and a built-in peel holder.

The Blackstone Pizza Oven with Stand is an ideal solution for anyone who enjoys making pizza at home. It boasts high heat output, rapid heating time, adjustable flame control, and portability; plus you can connect it directly to natural gas or use propane instead. Watson’s locations offer this unit and you can purchase it online. This pizza oven will surely impress family and friends!

Easy to move

If you’re looking to expand your outdoor cooking options, the Blackstone Pizza Oven is an excellent addition. With a unique design that allows it to accommodate pizzas up to 16 inches in diameter and an easy cleanup and maintenance process, this oven offers maximum pizza baking power at temperatures reaching up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit; making it sure to impress guests at any backyard barbecue!

Blackstone Pizza Ovens feature a mobile cart or stand that makes moving around your patio easy, providing your family with more convenience and fun when pizza night rolls around! It’s the perfect way to make pizza night more convenient and enjoyable.

For ease of use, simply place pre-made or homemade dough on a floured surface and top it off as desired. After your pizza is assembled, transfer it using a peel into the oven for 3-4 minutes of baking time before taking it out to enjoy!

The Blackstone Pizza Oven with Stand is an impressively large unit, weighing in at 140 pounds when fully assembled. Requiring two people to assemble, it may be difficult for one individual to lift alone. Made of powder-coated steel with four locking casters for transportability; additionally, it features a side slot to store a metal pizza peel.

Easy to maintain

The Blackstone Pizza Oven is an easy and safe way to enjoy making delicious homemade pizza with your family. Constructed of premium materials and featuring an anti-burn feature, this oven also comes equipped with an integral protective cover to avoid annoying your neighbors!

Blackstone Pizza Oven is an indispensable tool for anyone who enjoys cooking. Capable of reaching temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit and capable of cooking pizzas within 90 seconds, its patent 2Stone Technology utilizes both an upper cordierite stone fixed onto its frame as well as a rotating lower cordierite stone to distribute heat evenly throughout each pie – this unique feature sets this outdoor cooking device apart from competitors.

Blackstone Pizza Oven is an efficient piece of equipment, easily upgraded and maintained. The latest model has an innovative new burner designed more like a fireman’s hose than a traditional gas grill burner, as well as an adjustable regulator to customize flame patterns to meet individual requirements. In terms of efficiency, quietness, and reliability, this design stands apart from its predecessor as an efficient, quiet, reliable machine.

Blackstone Pizza Ovens come in both standalone and portable formats – the former features a cart while the latter can sit atop any counter or picnic table – making both easy to maintain. They’re an excellent addition to any backyard!