Steps to beat blocked online gambling sites


For this article slot, we will try to share how to overcome the Thai Super Gacor slot game site that is blocked by the Internet or the provider. Blocking online gaming sites is no longer a big problem for gamers because there are many cases where the online gambling site is viewed correctly.

This makes it difficult for players to play slowly and effectively. The government is also interested in banning gambling establishments because they can harm the morals and wealth of citizens.

However, in this sophisticated and modern age, players no longer need to worry about such issues. Now, there are many ways to do this so that you can reaccess your favorite sites.

Here are different ways to bypass blocked online gambling sites: 

Use an IP address 

As far as blocking gaming sites is concerned, it is rare to find a blocked IP address. The government bans betting sites. This way, you can still allow blocked sites to open again by directly accessing the IP address. To find out the IP address, players can use an online tool or software or CMD from the computer. There is also a method, i.e., click Start – Run – Type: CMD – and enter. After that, type directly and ping the blocked section. Then, the IP address of the locked domain will appear instantly in cmd. However, as a special note, this method can only be used for sites that use a dedicated IP, and the site’s IP is not hidden.

 By using DNS 

This method is prevalent, and many people use it. Some sites are blocked by computer/router DNS. This process is straightforward to do from a computer. Players should change the computer’s DNS using a DNS program that can be downloaded from the Internet. After changing the DNS, players can immediately access and play online gambling games for free again.

Use a VPN 

Another way to deal with blocked third-party gaming sites is to use a VPN service. A VPN can bypass blocked sites using network encryption. This method is also simple and effective because many people use it to unlock game sites. VPN services are also divided into two types, namely free VPN services and paid VPN services. To get the best results, you can use a VPN.

Use the Google cache. 

This method is also straightforward and effective in overcoming blocked game sites. With Google Cache, players can access blocked sites directly from the cache. Players do not need direct access to the server. Just type the domain or betting site name into the Google search box. Don’t click directly on a site after you’ve searched. Go to the green down arrow next to the country URL. After that, select the cache menu to find blocked sites.

Using alternative therapies 

For online players, you must know this process. Many players do not want to be busy thinking about possible ways to open blocked betting sites. Players request additional links to sites where they play online. The representatives of online gaming sites always have another link that can be used to get the game. Players prefer this method because it is simple and does not require any programming. With the development of online gambling sites now, the government continues to try to restrict online gambling sites. As a result, you may suddenly find links to online gaming sites that don’t open.

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