Nicco Park – A Fun-Filled Park Near Bookmyshow


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Once its homepage opens up, click on “Book Tickets” from its menu on the homepage menu to reserve tickets and select a date. A new page containing entry tickets, food information, and instructions will open.

How do you book Nicco Park entry tickets online?

Nicco Park in Kolkata provides visitors with a host of thrilling activities. This park is famous for its thrilling rides, water park features, dining options, and special events throughout the year – not to mention spectacular fireworks displays!

Nicco Park offers various ways for visitors to book tickets online, whether through its website or your smartphone. Select your desired date, follow the instructions for ticket purchase, and you will receive SMS and email confirmation of your booking.

Tickets may also be purchased directly at the park’s ticket counter; the process is quick and straightforward, with staff available to answer any queries. In addition, their website features a handy FAQ page that provides answers to frequently asked questions.

First, go online to book entry tickets at a park and select “Book Tickets.” When taken to a new page, choose your date of attendance and package and read through the terms and conditions carefully before paying with any convenient payment method. Alternatively, please stop by their food court for snacks!

Nicco Park provides many exciting activities, including boating, live entertainment, and a four-lane bowling alley. There are restaurants serving Indian, Chinese, and vegetarian cuisine within its boundaries and an Eiffel Tower replica and MIG 21 aircraft that attract many visitors.

Those traveling with children should experience the Toy Train ride, a timeless classic that offers families a fun, exciting way to unwind while taking scenic tours around the park. Don’t miss the Family Carousal ride for another delightful spin; its intricate carvings of horses and animals add another charming element. Also, please take note of MIG 21 and its cable car ride, which provides beautiful panoramic views.

Nicco Park Ticket Price

Nicco Park, situated off the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass and Salt Lake Sector Five in Kolkata, is one of the city’s premier destinations for leisure and entertainment. Offering everything from leisurely picnics to heart-pounding rollercoasters and educational exhibits and shows about science and nature – Nicco Park truly has something for everyone!

To book tickets online, visit the official park website and choose your show. After being redirected to the BookMyShow portal, you can select seats based on price before paying with a credit/debit card, quick pay, or UPI payment method. After payment, you will receive an SMS or email with a confirmation code, which can be shown to park attendants to enter the venue.

Nicco Park ticket prices depend on which rides are being utilized; some rides are included with entry, while others require an additional charge; for instance, the Family Carousal and Eiffel Tower ride will cost Rs 300 per person, while Children’s Corner and Water Merry go round will set you back another Rs.850 each.

Nicco Park offers an annual pass that allows you to save money. This pass gives access to rides in its central park and water park, as well as discounts on food and beverage purchases and other benefits – an ideal solution if you plan on visiting frequently.

Nicco Park can be reached in several ways, from buses and taxis to hiring a private vehicle as a more direct means. Nicco Park can be found off Salt Lake Bypass Road, which connects it with various areas in Salt Lake City.

As well as hosting an impressive selection of shows, the park features many restaurants and eateries for visitors to enjoy. It makes a beautiful place for friends and family – it may even be worthwhile bringing snacks along for added fun!

Nicco Park Entry Timings

Nicco Park in Kolkata, India, offers an exciting variety of rides, activities, and attractions year-round. It is an ideal spot for families or friends looking for a fun outing at an affordable price. Nicco Park stands out as an affordable amusement park option in India!

Nicco Park offers two easy methods for booking tickets: visiting its official website and clicking “Book Tickets” from its homepage; selecting your reservation date; following the instructions; and receiving a confirmation code via email or SMS that can be checked to gain entry to the park on visit day.

The park offers two packages, the Standard Package and the Premium Package. The former gives access to most rides and attractions at the park except water rides, while, for those interested, the latter provides access to every ride at the park – including any water rides!

Visitors can appreciate its picturesque beauty while riding the River Cave Ride, Roller Coaster, and other thrilling rides. In addition, there is an assortment of dining options at the park and stores selling gifts and souvenirs.

Nicco Park offers more than rides; it is also home to shows and performances by local and national entertainers, corporate events, and private parties. It gives Wet-o-Wild water park for visitors with its own set of attractions and rides.

Nicco Park Fun Activities

Nicco Park, known as the Disneyland of West Bengal, offers an exciting place for families and friends to gather. As an eco-friendly attraction filled with rides that harken back to your carefree childhood days, Nicco Park features rides made using state-of-the-art technology, monitored regularly by trained staff members, and educational features explicitly designed to engage visitors. Each ride begins by explaining its safety guidelines so visitors are informed before entering it.

Thrill rides like MIG-21, bull ride, skydiving, and cyclone will give you an experience you won’t forget. Plus, other fun activities include toy train rides, mirror maze, merry-go-round, and caterpillar. Kids also love rides such as river cave, toy carousel ride, crazy tea party ride and twist n’ turn pirate ship for maximum entertainment value!

Oceania’s special exhibition on marine life and plants includes specimens from Australia, Singapore, Africa, and Brazil curated into one museum space. There is also an exhibit with videos to help educate you more on ocean creatures. If you prefer something less energetic, such as a bowling alley with four bowling lanes and four pool tables, as well as derby and air hockey, you could try here too!

Bowler’s Den is an outdoor food park offering delicious cuisine, perfect for after a fun-filled day at the park. For something genuinely thrilling and exciting, check out Body Slide’s thrilling water ride: lie back down on it to be pulled along a winding track into an inviting pool of water!

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