Nicco Park Water Park Dress


No matter your swimming activity level or enjoyment level, Nicco park water park attire is necessary for every adventurer and pool lounger. However, certain restrictions must be considered when selecting an ensemble to wear in this theme park setting.

Avoid wearing items such as hats, jewelry with metal fasteners and spikes, masks, pajamas, lingerie, or clothing bearing offensive messages or nudity, as these items are prohibited.

Theme Park

Nicco Park, India’s largest amusement park in eastern India, provides endless entertainment and fun for the whole family. Boasting over 35 rides and attractions like Flying Saucer, Tilt-a-Whirl, Magic Carpet, and Toy Train, as well as Wet-O-Wild water park section featuring various water slides and pools, Nicco Park is open daily throughout the day and has something fun for all age groups!

The park features rides organized according to age groups and thrill levels, making them easily navigable by visitors of all ages. There are also natural attractions, including a rose garden and a forty-foot waterfall. Furthermore, a four-D movie theater and rain dance performances occur here.

For those seeking a more relaxing experience, the park features cable cars that provide stunning aerial views of its environs from above. A replica of the Eiffel Tower from Paris also offers breathtaking panoramic views from above the park. At the same time, another unique attraction is MIG 21, donated by the Indian Air Force from Bagdogra Air Base.

Alongside its rides, this park also offers a food court that serves Indian, Chinese, and South Indian cuisine and snacks. Furthermore, the Nicco Super Bowl features four bowling lanes. There is also Bowler’s Den, which specializes in Tandoori food for an indoor set restaurant experience.

The park is approximately 8 kilometers from Kolkata’s city center and can be accessed via taxis, government-run buses, or auto-rickshaws. Taxis, government buses, or auto-rickshaws are typically used as the most direct route from the city center, most often taking Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road- Maniktala Main Road-1st Cross Road-NH12 GM Block Street Number 27, which can vary according to traffic conditions or road closures. Visitors may also reach this park by flying into Kolkata’s Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport before taking one of the local buses heading directly there.

Water Park

Nicko Park’s water park is an amusement area devoted to aquatic fun with slides and pools that make an excellent way to cool off on hot days or enjoy a refreshing swim. Rides are suitable for all ages, and food courts and activities are available to keep guests occupied throughout their visit.

For an extra exciting experience, the park also features an Eiffel Tower, which can be climbed for breathtaking views of the entire park, a Bowling Alley, and a 4D movie theatre. There’s even a genuine decommissioned MIG-21 fighter plane and Oceanica Underwater Exhibition with over 75 live marine animals; plus, Cable Car rides and toy train routes are running scenically through it all!

Visitors seeking refuge from Kolkata’s scorching summer heat should head for the Wet-O-Wild water park section, which offers fun water slides, splash pools, and lazy rivers that provide a much-needed respite from Kolkata heat. Leisurely picnics in their lush surroundings also help give a needed break from Kolkata’s heat.

Dress Code at Water Parks: As most rides at the Water park can be thrilling experiences, guests must wear clothing that complies with dress code guidelines. In addition to swimming costumes, hats, and sunglasses, guests should avoid long or chunky pieces of jewelry with metal fasteners, belt buckles or spikes, or denim is not permitted inside the park or certain rides, nor sarees/churidars/salwars/adults; school uniforms; formal pants/shirts formal pants/shirts formal pants/shirts as well as school uniforms/formal pants/shirts formal pants/shirts formal pants/shirts as these items cannot be worn inside either the Water Park or certain high thrill rides.

At the Water Park, certain rides require visitors to use safety harnesses and headgear. Therefore, guests must follow all park staff instructions and display instructions near each ride for optimal safety. Furthermore, the park prohibits indecent language or content that could cause religious division.

Kids’ Corner

Nicco Park’s kids’ corner offers more than just fun for youngsters; it also enables them to learn. Through engaging activities and interactive games that increase environmental awareness and help children understand non-conventional sources of energy – Solar Energy Village, in particular, being one example – children have the opportunity to develop both their physical skills as well as gain an awareness of non-traditional energy solutions such as Solar Energy Village.

This park offers state-of-the-art rides designed to delight visitors of all ages. These unique rides, like Cyclone, Water Chute, and Flying Saucer, will surely give visitors unforgettable thrills. Additionally, family rides such as the Toy Train Ride will guide your children throughout the recreation area with rhythmic playful music, or the Family Carousel Ride will transport them back into Alice in Wonderland – and there are even Trolley rides and Gondola rides across Paddle Boat Lake available as family entertainment!

There is also an Eiffel Tower that guests can climb for an aerial view of the entire park. Furthermore, guests can access 4D movie theaters, underwater exhibits, and other attractions, including bowling alleys and food parks.

Amusement parks also offer shops for visitors to purchase gifts and souvenirs as souvenirs of their visit, from T-shirts and accessories to mugs. There are also restaurants serving a range of cuisines such as Bengali, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Italian food.

The Theme Park is open weekdays from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM, weekends and holidays from 12:00 AM to 11:00 PM with an entrance fee of Rs.550 per person, allowing access to both the central park as well as Wet-O-Wild Water Park; however, admission prices for each water park may differ;

Special Events and Celebrations

Nicco Park offers much to see and do for visitors of all ages, from its captivating Musical Fountain to thrilling rides – it can be easy to become lost in its magical fantasy world! For optimal enjoyment during your visit, plan by researching opening hours, ticket prices, dress code regulations, and safety protocols before visiting.

Kolkata’s amusement park, Nicco Park, is easily accessible by road and public transportation. Taxis, government-operated buses, or auto rickshaws can all get you to Nicco Park quickly from city centers; alternatively, there are routes such as Acharya Prafulla Chandra Street, Maniktala Primary Street First Go across Street National Highway 12, or even GM Block Road Number 27 that frequently traverse. When driving yourself, check weather and traffic conditions before setting out.

If you plan to visit the park during winter, make sure that you wear warm clothing and comfortable, sturdy shoes. Sun protection and water-resistant sunglasses should also be included, especially on sunny days. There are multiple eateries within the park offering food and drinks; souvenir shops also sell merchandise such as T-shirts, accessories, mugs, and caps as keepsakes from your visit to this theme park.

Water parks are popular destinations amongst children and teenagers due to the variety of exciting rides and attractions it provides. From thrill seekers such as the Cyclone roller coaster to water slides offering refreshing splashes, the River Cave ride allows families to float together through magical spaceship-inspired journeys while testing their courage on the Sky Tower ride (reaching dizzying heights), There are rides sure to please all visitors of all ages at any water park.

Nicco Park offers numerous entertainment options, from bowling alley Nicco Super Bowl and 4D movie theatre to a replica Eiffel Tower that can be climbed for panoramic views, decommissioned MIG-21 fighter planes, underwater exhibitions and various types of snacks and meals from traditional Kolkata street food to global cuisines. The park also provides access to its wide variety of snacks and meals, such as conventional Kolkata street food and international cuisines for snacking or dining on.